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Pastor's Weekly Email

Dear Friends,
This past Sunday was another amazing day of worship at Church By The Sea.  God's presence was felt all through the sanctuary and chapel.  I have such a great view of seeing this each Sunday.  I hope you all feel it too.  God is doing a great thing here and each one of us is a part of it.  

As we approach Palm Sunday and Easter; I hope each one of us will take some time to be still and listen.  It is amazing if we slow ourselves down what we can hear.  This week pray for God to open your mind and your heart to all that He wants to show you.  I hope you all have a blessed week and I look forward to seeing you this Sunday in worship.  Peace, Love, and Grace. 

Easter Services: Sunday April, 21st

7:30 am Easter Sunrise Service

9am Easter Family Service (with butterfly release)

11am Traditional Service

Tamika Greenwood