Church By The Sea


The Sacrament of Baptism


The sacrament of Holy Baptism is a visible sign and seal, instituted by God, so that he may more fully reveal to us the promise of the gospel: that because of the one sacrifice of Christ on the cross we are, through grace alone, granted forgiveness of our sins and given new and eternal life. In baptism, we are also adopted into the visible membership of the Body of Christ, the Church. This promise is made visible in the water of baptism, for as surely as water cleanses us physically, so surely does the blood of Christ cleanse us spiritually. 

The Church by the Sea administers baptism to children of parents, who are themselves baptized members of the one, universal, Christian Church.


Planning Your Child’s Baptism

When you meet with the Pastor, he will discuss with you the meaning of the sacrament in the Reformed Tradition, and inquire as to your willingness to raise your child in the Christian faith, as it is confessed in the Apostles’ Creed.  As part of the baptismal liturgy, parents are asked to answer and affirm the following vows:

1. Do you renounce sin and the power of evil in your life and in the world?

2. Do you turn to Jesus Christ and accept him as your Lord and Savior?

3. Do you promise to instruct your child in the truth of God’s word, and in the way of salvation through Jesus Christ; to pray for him/her, to teach him/her to pray, and to train him/her in Christ’s way by your example?


Please call Church’s Events Coordinator at 954-523-6472 to schedule a time, date and meeting with the pastor.

For private baptisms, outside of a normal worship service, there is a requested donation of $150.