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Pastor's Weekly Email

Dear Friends,
Easter at Church By The Sea was inspiring!  Each service (7:30, 9, and 11) had it's own expression of God's love and grace.  The 7:30am service was beautiful as the sun rose and the moon melted away.  The 9am service was a large crowd full of excited children who couldn't wait for our butterfly release afterwards and the 11am service was a little more calm and reflective.  All three services  I hope were encouraging and uplifting.  Thank you to our music ministry for drawing us into the presence of God.  I hope you all had an amazing and inspiring Easter from waking up to when you went to sleep. 

As excited as I was about Easter and celebrating with family and friends Christ's resurrection - my heart was so heavy in regards to the bombing in Sri Lanka!  I pray for peace and hope for those people and all of us.  Let's all be peacemakers.  Have a blessed week and I look forward to seeing you this Sunday in worship.  Peace, Love, and Grace. 

Tamika Greenwood