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Pastor's Weekly Email

Dear Friends,

Happy Monday to you all! We had an amazing day of worship last Sunday. It was a communion Sunday and those worship services always bring me into God's presence as we all are on one accord, sharing the elements and in a prayerful state. I hope it is as meaningful to you as well.

I am very excited about the Fall. We have so many things to be a part of and watch God move in different and creative ways. I hope you will download our church app (TheChurchByTheSea), so you can get the latest on how to serve and where to get involved. You can also look near the end of this email at the week in review for ministries and activities this week, or opportunities that are coming soon.

I hope we all have a great week and I look forward to seeing you all in worship this Sunday. Peace, Love, and Grace.

Tamika Greenwood