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Dear Church Family,

It's that time of year when the temperature remains in the high 80's and into the 90's all day and through the night. It rains most days for a little bit then it is hot and beautiful once again. Summer is that time of year when our preschool takes a break and our children's ministry does amazing VBS, and now, our youth ministry continues its awesome presence in our teenager's lives. Our church might slow a little but our worship and connecting people to God and to others does not.

Our style and structure of worship changes as well over summer - our choir does not wear robes and they do not practice on Thursday nights. The hope is for anyone who might want to give singing in the choir a try can just come at 9am to the choir room. I hope many of you will try this adventure of helping lead in worship. We also began a new worship experience which began on July 1st. Periodically throughout the summer one person from our congregation will share why he/she joined their hearts with CBTS. It will be amazing to hear people's stories and I looked forward to hearing more as we go thru the summer months.

I hope your summer is filled with great memories and wonderful times. Please take some time to relax and "be still" as Psalm 46:10 charges us to do. I hope every one of you experiences God's love in new and amazing ways this summer. Have a blessed season and I look forward to seeing you all each Sunday.

In His Grip, 

vica kramm