Church By The Sea

Northern Abacos Relief and Recovery



Mission Statement

“Let us love one another.” -1 John 4:7

For recovery efforts following Hurricane Dorian, which hit the Bahamian islands in August 2019, The Church By The Sea has created a response team to focus on the relief and rebuilding of communities in the Northern Abaco islands. With a specific focus on Cooper’s Town and Fox Town, the team is committed to a long-term, holistic approach to rebuilding the communities and establishing relationships for future development and support.



For immediate response, NARR is working with private donors to fund the delivery of requested materials. The first disbursement was on 9/10/19 and supplied two paramedics and a cook to MV Pacific Hope, a local disaster relief ship. On 9/14/19, we will deliver 45x2000Kw generators with extension cords, gas cans and oil. Local relationships on the island are in place to coordinate the distribution of supplies within the community. 


NARR will be assembling additional response teams to work within the local communities during intermittent mission trips. These teams will supply a labor force to respond to the infrastructure needs of individuals, schools, churches and community centers. We anticipate the first rebuild team to launch in Fall of 2019. 


At this point, the church is only focusing on monetary donations. If you would like to support this relief effort, click here and select the “Dorian Relief” fund for your donation.