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Pastor's Weekly Email

Dear Friends,

Summer has finally arrived and goodness are the kids of our church excited!  What another wonderful day of worship here yesterday.  I love our summer worship schedule with the choir not in robes and having the hymn sing for the whole summer in place of the first hymn.  I also love how calm the different sections are as they shout out their favorite hymn to sing: )  Worship is alive and well at Church By The Sea. 

Our Children's Ministry began VBS this morning.  We have 87 kids and 40 youth and adult volunteers and the theme is "To Mars and Beyond".  Marie and her team have a done an amazing job putting this amazing week together and converting Eden Hall to the Mission Command Center in outer space!  If you all are nearby the church please stop in and take a look.  Please pray for this week as the children of our church and community are experiencing Christ.  Have a blessed week and I look forward to seeing you this Sunday in worship.  Peace, Love, and Grace. 

Tamika Greenwood