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Pastor's Weekly Email

Dear Friends,
This past week Marie and I were in Nashville, TN for the Q Conference.  It also just happened to be the NFL Draft as well.  The conference was great and challenging in some areas but I was caught off guard at how many people traveled to hear in person who their pro team drafted.  200,000 people came to Nashville for this event - they were people dressed up with face paint, jerseys, decorated helmets, tattoo's, it was crazy.  I was reminded how we are to be about Jesus' love and grace.  We need to be fired up, excited, face-painted, and rejoicing that God Almighty drafts us into His love by Jesus Christ.   Now that is a celebration!!!
It is the week after Easter and life slows a little as summer approaches and our snow-birds have made their way back to their other church home. : ) We will miss you all and pray you have a safe return. I hope you all have a have a blessed week and I look forward to seeing you this Sunday in worship.  

Peace, Love, and Grace. 

PS - Don't forget this is Air and Sea Show weekend.  I believe they have Sunrise and AIA blocked off.  Give yourself a little extra time to get here on Sunday. 

Tamika Greenwood