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On a mission

The Church By The Sea gives 11% of all your pledges and offerings to the missions in need. In the first quarter of 2018 your contributions allowed the church to give $15, 260, which is $1,907 per mission. 

Additionally, our children were able to raise $1,561.17 to feed the hungry in Haiti.

The Mission committee led by Nancy Mauro, Marcia Short, and Deborah VonBehren have much planned for the near future. Fred and Margo Klein have been leading the Homeless Feeding on the second Saturday of each month. The committee just completed a visit of Sheridan House in June and are planning a visit to Seafarer's House sometime in August. 

As you can see much is happening in our missions program and we can always use more volunteers as well as ideas. If you would like more information or to get involved please send us a note.

vica kramm