January 28 2018 "Becoming Alive"Rev. Chris Reny

February 4 2018 "Under Construction"Rev. Chris Reny

February 11 2018 "Are You Worth Your Salt" Rev. Chris Reny

February 25 2018 "Paying the Price for Wholeness" Rev. Chris Reny

March 4 2018 "From Good to Gracious" Rev. Chris Reny

March 11 2018 "A Greater than Solomon is Here" Dr. Richard Ziemer

March 18 2018 "The Fastest Scooter in the Village" Rev. Chris Reny

March 25 2018 "Go Ahead and Press the Delete Key" Rev. Chris Reny

April 1 2018 "The Gifts of Easter" Rev. Chris Reny

April 8 2018 "A Cheerful Heart (Laughter) Is A Good Medicine" Mark Pendergrass

April 15 2018 "L-O-V-E" Rev. Chris Reny

April 22 2018 "Four P's of our Faith" Randy Starr